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My desire is that millions will find room in their minds to hear and read the Manifest Chronicles’ message; for it belongs to every mortal’s peace to know the truth about who they are, why they are, and from whence they came (Job 38: 4, Job 38:7, and Job 38:21 KJV). I surely believe that “whosoever does not discover one’s beginning shall never discover one’s destinies”.

My commission is to speak to the Destinata readers and manifest the “Lost Language of Ach-Yah” (see Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary #262 and #263), which fragments and riddles still remain in the Bible and other holy writs.

The words of the Manifest Chronicles are about Star Time (Gen 1:14 KJV) and the long truth (Dan 10:1 KJV) of the universe, and the long truth about I-Am the Ultimate Invisible God.

It is said there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV). Nevertheless, there are many new things above the sun (Rev 5:7-9 KJV) The children of our children are called to plant the heavens (Isa 51:10 KJV) and for this reason the Abrahamic Bosom time of seventy thousand generations (Psalms 105:8-9 KJV and Luke 16:22 KJV) of human life (70,000 + years) will live on and on throughout and beyond the doomsday prophets.

So then one day the heavens will hear the earth and the earth will hear the heavens (Hos 2:21 KJV). In that day mortals shall beat their weapons (swords) into plowshares and shall practice war no more! (Mic 4:3 KJV) and all creation will learn the song of peace and love (Isa 65:25 KJV). Therefore understand:

It is the Lord’s intent that we take the resolutions of the great mystery of the world and of Christ into space; and that we should have communionship with magistrates and kingdoms of the other realms in this cosmos, even as the inhabitants of Earth should have communionship together.

Ephesians 3:10 (MIV)
Manifest Interpretation Version In the mirror-ways of infinity as mortals look into space they will see their own face for we are all from the Ophannim race. But our Father which art in heaven was not content that we should live in the land of forgetfulness forever (Psalms 88:12 KJV). Therefore …

Our Heavenly Father so loved our Souls that though we as angels fell from our Father’s throne,* yet our Father from Ams innermost being gave Ams one and only Christed-Son that by believing on Him, we wandering royals now called ‘humans’ should not perish but should return to our long-lost home in Heaven. - John 3:16 (MIV)

Manifest Interpretation Version - Surely in our Father’s house are many mansions. Our homes are waiting for us (St. John 14:2-3 and II Cor 5:1 and Heb 11:12-16 KJV). Rev 12:3-4, John 17:16 KJV

Whosoever shall drink of the waters of this word shall open their minds to worlds of knowledge and love in physical infinity and in spiritual infinity. New worlds shall fly through your neurons, and you will zoom from universe to universe in a swoo of soundtron revelations. As you believe, destiny will have wings, and you will become a Destinata.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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