"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth."

The Peace Bible College of Manifest Studies classes was developed using the teachings and revelations of Dr. Jerry O. Lee.

It is our hope and prayer that when you have completed the Peace Bible College of Manifest Studies classes, you will have a deeper understanding of these most powerful words.

The lessons you are about to study are designed to share a much greater perception of God’s word than you have ever heard before.

There is a secret message hidden within God’s word that has been revealed through an angel’s touch, and a comprehensive study of the original languages given to us by God in the Bible, His Most Holy Word.

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There will be seven classes plus a bonus class, and after the seven classes, there will be a test consisting of three questions for each course. (we will throw out one bad answer, and determine your grade based on twenty questions).

In order to receive your “Peace Bible College of Manifest Studies, Certificate of Successful Completion”, a score of 70% is required. It will be your responsibility to answer all the questions, and send your responses to us after you have gone through all the classes. You may do so via email on our website or the postal service to our home address.

Upon receiving a passing grade, you will immediately be sent your Certificate of Completion. We recommend you frame it, and use it as an opportunity to share what you have learned through this Bible College.

Now, grab your Bibles, and hold on because if the Bible has seemed a little less exciting to you than when you first believed, and everything you hear from the pulpit is something you’ve heard before, and your heart is aching for a deeper understanding of God and the spirit realm, well you are in luck. You are about to hear Real Truth. It will be a deep dive into God’s Word.

One day, many years ago, Dr. Jerry O. Lee was blessed to receive a visit from an angel. The name of the angel was Gabriel, an archangel of such magnificence that he is mentioned by name four times in the King James Bible. This angelic  touch, combined with an exhaustive lifetime study of the Word of God, has produced in Dr. Lee a fertile field for the sowing of the “good seed”.

He has revealed a concept so deep, so comprehensive, and yet so simple that it is mind blowing! So, thank you, Heavenly Father, for allowing him to share this outstanding information about who we really are, and why we are here.  You will learn what you were before you were born, and what you will be and where you will go after you die, depending on choices you make in this lifetime.

Now, Dr. Lee, being a relatively complicated person, is sometimes difficult for folks other than Bible scholars to follow. Therefore, these classes will attempt to simplify, as concisely as possible, some of the deep Biblical understandings that he has shared with us.

If you have not had the pleasure of listening to him for any length of time, and/or haven’t availed yourself of his voluminous recorded works, then what you are about to learn will seem a bit like science fiction, or even a fairy tale.

However, you can easily follow the Biblical references presented in the classes. This will help you to verify the truth in God’s Word for yourself by looking at the original Hebrew and Greek words.

Every single Hebrew and Greek word in the Bible is numbered, listed, and its meaning described in a very special book called “Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries”. You should have access to one as you go through this study so that you can make sure in your heart we are teaching you truth.

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