Course 101: Is There a Hidden Mystery in God’s Word? 

Class 1 attempts to prepare the minds of seekers of Truth to receive a revelation by Dr Lee so awesome, yet so simple that you will be amazed that it is only now being revealed nearly 2000 years after God was finished writing the Bible!

Dr. Lee has brought unparalleled understanding to us of a heretofore unrevealed  spiritual realm in a simple, easy to understand way. But since the concept seems to be so unfamiliar to even Christians today, Class 1 is needed to begin to prepare you to deepen your understanding of God's Word in a most exciting way!

Course 102: Who Are We?

Class 102 walks you through the Bible revealing Greek and Hebrew translation biases that may have led to incomplete thinking on the part of those great masters of the past who dedicated their lives attempting to reconstruct God's Word into the languages of today. It will help identify, and delve deeply into, multiple scriptures that reveal the 100-fold meaning of who we humans truly are!

Course 103: Why Are We Here?

Now that Class 102 has revealed who we are, Class 103 searches scripture to explain why we humans are here on earth. It describes the role of Lucifer, and what actually happened to the angels in the heavens before the time of Adam. It also clarifies who the demons really are, and why they hate us. And it clearly describes what happened to the angels that were "cast to the earth".

Course 104: Sin! 

Class 104 sheds light on the 100-fold meaning of sin. We all know of the sin of this world. Whenever we disobey God's or Jesus's commandments, we sin. But, there was a very great sin that was committed by the angels a very long time ago. Class 104 reveals how and why that that sin affects us, and why there is much more to the verse "all have sinned" that we have been taught! It also  visits the mysterious connection between Adam and Jesus.

Course 105: Do We Need a Hand?

Class 105 provides a deeper understanding of why we actually need Jesus, Who He really is, and what He has done for us in the spiritual realm. It also reveals a concept called "reingeneration", a term coined by Dr. Lee which helps us understand how even those who have never heard of Jesus in their lifetimes can still gain eternal salvation. And it delves into the deep mystery of the  verses in Isaiah describing the "dissolving of the heavenly host", as well as the meaning and timing of the verse "the heavens shall be rolled together".

Course 106: Death!

Class 106 is entitled "Death". It explores the options of what happens to our souls after death. The Bible reveals that we go to one of two places after our physical death. These places are discussed, as well as the meaning of the 2nd death. And this class reveals how our names are already written in the Lamb's Book of Life, and exposes the ever-present danger of having our names "blotted out" of the Lamb's Book of Life!

Course 107: zZiths?

Class 107 explains what are referred to as UFO's. Dr. Lee has revealed  the origin of the UFO's, and how they fit into the whole story of our most interesting ancient past. The 'aliens' are not who the world thinks they are. Evidence of UFO's hundreds of years ago are shown in renaissance paintings.

Bonus Class: The Gospel in the Stars

The Bonus Class exposes the fraudulent origin of Astrology in early Greek history, and elucidates the correct understanding of the Zodiac, as given to us by Seth, the son of Adam. This class reveals how the Zodiac is truly the story of the fall of the angels, and the subsequent attempt to return them to the good graces of God. Many examples show that the constellations and their meanings are simply the revelation of God's plan  for us written in the stars.


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